Research @ t-lab

At the laboratory of Dr. Bosco Tjan, we study the human visual system to address basic-research questions pertaining to vision loss, restoration, and rehabilitation.

A common goal for most of our research projects is to identify the neural computations that underlie the perception of form, a domain that includes object recognition, scene perception, and reading. We use a combination of techniques: psychophysics, fMRI, and computational modeling.

Computational modeling plays an important role in our research both as a tool for understanding and as a medium for communicating our findings. In the lab, we rely on carefully designed psychophysical experiments to test specific computational hypotheses and investigate behaviorally relevant phenomena. We also combine psychophysics with brain imaging (fMRI) to study how computations are organized in the human brain.

On-going research topics include:
  • Letter identification and form vision in the peripheral visual fields
  • Image enhancement for peripheral vision
  • Neural plasticity and retinal prostheses
  • Uncertainty, invariance, and the order of processing in the human visual cortex
  • Ocular-motor control during form perception
  • Signal-in-noise methods for determining higher-order receptive fields
  • Theory of adaptive representation of objects
  • Vision-based assistive technologies for the blind and the visually impaired
  • In vivo MR imaging of the human eyes

Our research is supported in part by the National Eye Institute and the National Science Foundation.

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